Empowering THE YOUTH

Every family stands for something and this Ithemba family stands for uplifting people, places and untapped potential.

For this reason, we have harnessed the ideals set out in our vision and created the Ithemba Upliftment foundation.

Ithemba Upliftment Foundation

Our NPO provides charitable support to those seeking bursaries as well as to those requiring social support services for children. Although Ithemba Property will be the main financial source for supporting the Ithemba Upliftment Foundation, other resources will be used where possible in order for us to reach our goals as we uplift the community around us.

The foundation provides the following services to its youth and beneficiaries:

  • Miracle Eden Baby Care Centre. Upgraded facilities
  • Life skills (life coaching),
  • Skills development (computer center) and
  • Entrepreneurial development
  • Bursaries to primary school for kids leaving Miracle Eden Baby Care


At Ithemba Upliftment Foundation we believe that we can learn a lot from the structure of a family and community. Families and communities come together to help each other and through this continuous engagement, each member of the community or family benefits. We feel that this is the best way to work in charitable situations, because when we all stand together, then we all win. This framework opens up the possibilities of sustainability which we feel is the ultimate goal of upliftment.

As Ithemba Upliftment Foundation forms part of the overall Ithemba Property family, we are taking this concept and attempting to produce a foundation from which we have a positive impact on the lives of our tenants and the community’s children at large. Through this critical engagement, we plan to uplift the community in and around our properties so as to ultimately impact the charity aspect of our company.

Want to get involved?

Contact nina@ithembaproperty.co.za